"Bizarro am worst hero, here to destroy!"

Bizarro is a flawed clone of Superman and a major antagonist in the second Metropolis campaign in Kingdom Hearts Unlimited - Return of the Keyblade. Tasked with eliminating Earth-Prime's Enhanced defenders by Darkseid and Frieza, Lex Luthor tried to use DNA samples taken from Superman to create a clone of the Man of Steel under his own control. However, the samples were damaged during an attack on LexCorp by Batman and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, and the resulting clone was a monstrous, mind-addled mockery of Superman. Believing himself to be the true Last Son of Krypton but compelled to do the opposite of normal behavior, Bizarro was discarded by the disgusted Luthor. Though not a true villain, Bizarro's well-intended but destructive actions led him to battle Superman and Mickey Mouse.


Appearance and Personality

"Me not good guy! Me am Superman!"


Boss Strategy