• Chernobog1595

    Here's how I plan on setting up the Taran and Ellidyr storylines for the COM fanfic. You may discuss the options below.

    • The Land of Departure - the grassland fields of a once proud empire, where our heroes end up after they sealed the Final Door; the beginning of their new quest when NOS-4-A2 lures them into a trap with empty cryptic promises...
    • Castle Oblivion - the current hub world where both hero and villain alike stop after every world for a respite; NOS-4-A2 uses Guinevere to steal the powers and eventually certain memories from a few of our heroes, then sends them to their first world to get the basics on memory, card decks, and dueling.
    • Traverse Town - Illinois, 1909 - Lady and the Tramp - Taran's first new world, where he is confront…
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