Captain Gantu Sang-Eo

Captain Gantu Sang-Eo is a minor antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, and the former Captain of the Galactic Alliance. Gantu is a ruthless Knight Templar who's only concern is to follow his orders, and if times prove to be most distressing for him, he will not hesitate to kill anyone who gets in his way.

After his failure to capture Experiment 626, Gantu is fired from service and ends up getting himself recruited into Emperor Zurg's Dominion XIII, and later the Galactic Empire, as Police Officer for the alliance's top priority criminals.

He first appears in "Birth of A New Era" to reprise his role from the first act of "Lilo & Stitch", though with the added importance of sending in Galactic Republic troopers to help aide the heroes in the battle of the Keyblade Graveyard. He later returns in "An Empire of Dreams" under Zurg's employ to reprise his role from the second act of the film while going after Stitch in the Enchanted Dominion. In "Return of the Keyblade", he serves under the employment of Dr. Hamsterviel and the ancient Hawaiian sorceress Mamanu in their efforts to conquer both Kauai and the Galactic Alliance for the Empire.


The Birth of A New Era

A Year of Misery

An Empire of Dreams

Return of the Keyblade

Appearance and Personality

Gigantic, hulking, slender gray humanoid, shark-like/whale-like space creature, small lavender almond eyes, thin black eyebrows, light gray muzzle, torso, and underarms, a pair of 3 fingers, elephant-like feet with dark gray toenails, horns on both sides of his face, small dorsal shark fin on his head, black spacesuit consisting of a tank shirt with thick red brims on his sleeves and matching linings vertically on both sides of it, and trousers with their same vertical linings on his leggings, gray belt with a light gray "V" on the front and holster on the right, black wristbands. This is the natural regulation for his Captain Uniform and for his alien race of the Jinbeizame. Ruthless, persistent, stubborn, loyal, brutal, temperamental, arrogant.


Boss Strategy

Boss Theme: The Encounter (1st Battle), Rowdy Rumble (2nd Battle)