Captain James Killian Jones/Black Stache/Hook

Captain James Killian Bartholomew Jones "Hook" is a major villain in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, and a member of the Hellfire Organization.

His role is pretty much the same as it was before in the original games: the leader of the pirates who sail the waters of Neverland, and Peter Pan's arch nemesis.

But then things change during the Second Trilogy when Hook begins to envy the power of the true darkness that the other members of the Hellfire Organization wield at their disposal, and desires it for his own ends. So, he concocts an elaborate scheme to manipulate the higher-ups and the New Highwind Crew into giving him the blood of Chernabog and the mysterious Black Dagger, both of which he hopes will allow him to transform into a cosmic being capable of conquering Neverland and destroy Peter Pan once and for all.


Before Birth of A New Era

In his youth long after the fall of the Lands of Legend, the pirate who would one day be known as Captain Hook once served as a privateer under the British Crown in the 18th Century alongside his brother Liam. One day, he found a secret portal to Neverland, and used it to keep himself alive and in his current physical age for many years, traveling between both worlds to keep up appearances. When Liam, who had aged normally in all this time, found out about the island-world from an anonymous source, he demanded that James take him there so that he too could live forever like his brother. Then things got even more complicated when the King found out as well, requesting by martial order to go to the island and deliver to him a vial of Dreamshade poison, which according to legend was only found in that world's thorny vines, for future use against his enemies. Starting to feel hampered by the requests of those around him, James decided enough was enough and that he should take matters into his own hands, with the added gain of killing two birds with one stone.

Using the portal he had discovered long ago, James took Liam and a select crew of crooked sailors with him to Neverland, where, by a staged accident, he used the Dreamshade poison to stab Liam in the back, then delivered the poison in a vial to the King just before announcing his resignation from the court to become a pirate full-time. Thus, he became the Captain of the Jolly Roger and went on a raiding spree across the Caribbean for many years, using the time-stop effects of Neverland to ensure that he would never die from old age. At one point, he crossed paths with the native Fair Folk of the island, the Pixies of Pixie Hollow, and discovered the mysterious Pixie Dust they cultivate, planning to use it to enhance his raids with their magical power at his command, until he was defeated by the resident tinker fairy, Tinker Bell. He thus learned to bear a grudge against the fairies from then on.

His downfall came when, during the aftermath of one of his raids, he inadvertently crossed the path of an orphan youth by the name of Peter. Peter was a mischievous trickster and a scamp, and so saw the older pirate as someone to tease mercilessly and confront due to James' wicked nature. The two duked it out over the course of a week, bringing in the rest of Peter's fellow orphans from the orphanage during the crossfire. Eventually, by some twisted chance of fate, the portal to Neverland activated, and all parties involved were transported to the island world, this time permanently as the portal, due to James' constant usage of it, ultimately decayed and vanished into thin air, never to be seen again. Angered by what had happened, James attempted to kill Peter for his believed act of sabotage, but the youth and his friends were saved by Tinker Bell and her fellow pixies, who had seen what had happened and took pity on the children, using their pixie dust to grant them all the ability to fly and escape the pirates' clutches. From then on, James and Peter embarked on a perpetual rivalry due to the timeless nature of the world, with one of their encounters resulting in Peter purposely cutting off the pirate's left hand in self-defense, thus resulting in James fully completing the transformation into the ruthless pirate lord, Captain Hook. Peter, in the meantime, had been chosen by the pixies to become their new guardian, the second Peter Pan, and his fellow orphans were equally designated as the Lost Boys of Neverland.

Birth of A New Era

(plays his KHBBS role combined with ROTS!Grievous as a member of the Separatists, allies with Captain Silver on Muppet Treasure Island, spends some time in a hospital room before recovering to join the other villains in becoming part of the Hellfire Organization)

The Journey

Hook is first seen in the gathering of villains held in the Forbidden Mountains of Villains Vale to discuss the newly awakened Keybearer Taran and of his possible threat to their plans of gathering the princesses. The pirate in particular notes of three of Taran's new compatriots being royal Musketeers appointed by Princess Minnie herself and of their rather unconventional appearance, before being mocked at by Oogie and Shan-Yu.

A short while later, he meets up with his old boss Queen Cora Mills in Wonderland, and persuades her to join the Hellfire Organization by helping her set a trap for the young girl Alice in the croquet garden. While he is waiting for the results in his captain's quarters at his ship, Hook passes the time by trying to locate the new hiding place of Peter Pan before getting the idea of kidnapping the Algonquin tribe maiden Tiger Lily and forcing the location out of her by threat of drowning, telling his plan to a rather squeamish Mr. Smee. His thoughts on how best to pry the information are interrupted by one of his crew members singing on the crow's nest, annoying him to the point of shooting the pirate to get him to shut up. When Smee playfully objects to Hook's senseless act as not being good form, the pirate lord angrily reminds his first mate that the loss of his hand by Peter's knife wasn't in good form either. Suddenly, Hook's angry tirade is interrupted by Tick-Tock's tell-tale noise as the crocodile swims up by the ship non-verbally trying to scare the pirate into his maw, though he is shooed away by Smee on Hook's orders. The little old man thus tries to calm down his captain by treating him to a nice shave, but instead gets into a humorous outing of misplaced heads and shaved seagull rears. The comedic banter is interrupted when one of the pirates alerts Hook and Smee to the news of Cora successfully retrieving Alice and on her way back to the Forbidden Mountains as her entry fee into the organization, forcing the ship to leave the port and sail back through the skies to the ruins of Hollow Bastion.

(His role in Peter Pan (+) KH 1, mixed with elements of Kunzite from SM Season 1)

The Chain of Memories/Reversed Awakenings

With the closing of the Door to Tartarus, the surviving forces of the Hellfire Organization are forced to retreat back to their own worlds to skulk in shadows and plot anew in order to rise again stronger than before. Hook, in particular, managed to escape the massive energy wave that emitted from the Door just barely before making it back to Neverland to sulk in despair over having failed his queen and how he'll never get another opportunity to get rid of Peter Pan. However, his luck changes for the better when the White Witch Jadis approaches him with an opportunity to redeem himself for his previous failures and rejoin the Hellfire Organization's remnants for their plan to take revenge on Taran and Mozenrath, who by now were already on their separate ways to Castle Oblivion, where Jadis had made her secret residence within the castle's basements. The pirate lord, in his fury, eagerly accepted Jadis' offer and accompanied her and several other old and new recruits at once to embark on their mission.

He is first seen in a memory version of Neverland conjured up by Oswald's memories, where, on the orders of Maleficent's ghost, he tries to get his revenge on the neophyte and his friends for abandoning him during the Chitauri battle of New York, but is easily defeated and forced to retreat via a pack of fireworks lit up in his pants. Hook subsequently is assigned to assist Eris in the Seven Seas world in her plot to steal the Book of Peace to cause chaos in that world, and thereby gather enough memory energy to fuel Maleficent's revival. He goes on to confront the memory-addled Taran and Ariel in a small pocket dimension at Tartarus, goading the two into attacking him so that he can easily take them down and use them as bait to lure in Peter Pan, who was among the many displaced world heroes trapped in the castle, to his doom. However, the pirate fails to realize how much stronger the two Knights have become on their journey, and winds up being defeated again once Peter himself arrives to assist his friends, causing the pirate to get thrown off Eris' throne room asteroid into the void below, seemingly to his own demise.

A Year of Misery

But truth be told, Hook once more managed to escape his demise as the Tartarus abyss instead managed to teleport him safely onto the ground of Villain's Vale, where he was forcibly reunited with Captain Pete and several members of Creeper's Gang, who had been residing there since the endgame battles at Castle Oblivion. From there, Hook was alerted to Jadis and Maleficent's demise, and forced to become a member of Pete's growing faction unless he be deemed unfit for the operation and used as a transformative vessel for the Darkhearts to incubate and feast upon. Sensing no other choice, Hook quickly accepted this new offer, and was equally as quick to re-recruit Mr. Smee and the Jolly Roger Crew for a new assignment that Pete had in store for them: assist Syndrome in hunting down the Supers at Nomanison Island, and he shall be rewarded handsomely for his services. To do this, Hook leaves several empty treasure chests to lure in any unsuspecting travelers and then spring out Darkheart Pirates to capture the Supers' hearts. Any Super that survives the ambush is then immediately found by the Omnidroid and executed by its adaptive abilities.

When the Incredible family arrives on the island to uncover Syndrome's nefarious plot and escape before he catches up to them, Hook and Smee are sent to stop the Supers from escaping, with the pirate captain using a Black Moon Droid gem to transform his last treasure chest into the Ruler of the Sky Darkheart. However, the avian-dracolich is slain by Wart and Miklos while on assignment to dispose of Syndrome for his treachery against the Dominion XIII. During the commotion, Hook is able to escape to his ship docked on the beach, but soon discovers a new level of hurt when the dying creature crashes on top of him, sinking the ship in the process.

The battered and humiliated Hook is later present at the meeting held in the ruins of Villain's Vale to discuss the growing threat of the Dominion XIII's newer members and how to stop them before they can use their Keyblades enough times to create the Kingdom of Lost Souls and unleash its power to destroy all their worlds. Hook is not willing to stick his neck out for Pete after what happened in Nomanison Island. Nonetheless, he is willing to loan the services of his fearful pirate crew for the coming battle. Of course, the pirates survive and retreat back to the captain once the Horned King is revived, and Hook is among the many individuals to witness the destructive waves of energy hovering above in the skies released by the death of Ultron-Fanny.

An Empire of Dreams

A few days later, Hook is back to his old wicked self, and assists the altered Pete in trying to launch an assault on the Mysterious Tower, but they are quickly repelled by the arrival of the resurrected Taran and Ariel.

(part of Maleficent's revived Hellfire Org forces, teams up with Barbossa for Port Royale, takes part in the battle of Hollow Bastion, decides to briefly cut his losses with Maleficent to take part in Jafar's uprising in allegiance with the Dominion XIII, changes his mind during the Final Battle and flees with the other survivors to fight another day)

Encoded Truths

(Teams up with Don Karnage and Mr Khan on Grimhilde's orders)

The Fantasmic Dreamtime

(Attacks Disney Castle during the dip in the Cornerstone's power grid)

Return of the Keyblade

The Second Trilogy

With the defeat of the Galactic Empire and the final sealing of the Christ-Blade, the forces of darkness were dealt a serious blow with many of the survivors, Captain Hook included, being sent by the newly established King Mickey of Disney-Land to a desolate asteroid prison out of the mercy in his heart in the hopes that one day their descendants will learn from the mistakes of their elders and rejoin society with hearts of light.

Nonetheless, the survivors of the original Hellfire Organization refused to back down so easily, and over the course of many years, built up their forces anew in the shadows by gathering into themselves the harmful energies of the asteroid isle, eventually forging a new Hellfire Organization with the aim of invading the worlds and taking their revenge on their hated enemies.

Hook in particular, now growing older due to being away from Neverland for so long, has started to enact a scheme that will give him the powers of a Dark One Seeker and restore his lost youth, while also building up a new Pirate Crew from various orphaned street punks at the nearby Dragon Hall to serve his whims.

Appearance and Personality

Captain Hook is very arrogant and full of himself, and gets angry if someone insults him. He tends to hold a grudge against Peter Pan for stealing his hand and feeding it to the crocodile. He is an excellent manipulator and liar. An example of which would be when he manipulated Tinker Bell into showing him the location of Peter Pan's hideout while supposedly giving his word that he would lay a finger or a hook on Pan, only to use a bomb hidden in a present as an indirect means of killing the boy when he got to the hideout. He is cowardly and sometimes acts like a wimp, particularly when he hears the sound of the Crocodile coming close by. However, he is also an excellent sword fighter and a bomb expert, making him a challenge in combat.

Captain Hook is a thin man with curly, black, shoulder-length hair that drapes over his shoulders, a large, hooked nose, a thin, black mustache that angles upward sharply, and a large chin. He wears a frilly, white shirt underneath a red coat with gold lining and maroon cuffs. Each of these cuffs sports two yellow buttons. He also wears an orange sash over his right shoulder that holds his sword scabbard at his left hip. Hook wears maroon pants and white, knee-high socks, as well as black shoes with a pink circle decorating each one. The tongues of his shoes are enormous, reaching halfway up his shins. He wears a large, maroon hat with a huge, white feather stuck in it. He carries a rapier with a gold handle and guard as a weapon.


Boss Strategy

Boss Music: Squirming Evil (1st Battle), The Fight for My Friends (2nd Battle), The Encounter (All subsequent battles from Empire onward)