The Ancient Ones, or Old Ones, are a race of elder beings that lived in the cosmos long before the rise of mankind. Godlike in power, the Ancient/Old Ones were nigh unstoppable in their rule over the universe before they were defeated in combat by the Classical Gods of Modern Mythology. One by one, they were thrown deep into the bowels of Tartarus, where they eventually came to rest in eternal sleep to ease the burden of their torment. The greatest of their number, however, Lord Chernabog of Bald Mountain, was too powerful to keep locked away down there, and so, was thrown into Kingdom Hearts itself to keep him from releasing the rest of his kin.

It is the goal of Emperor Sidious and his fellow Lich Kings to reforge the legendary X-blade from the ritual sacrifice of the 10 Princesses of Heart, then use the blade to open the door to Kingdom Hearts, free Chernabog and the Ancient Ones from their eternal slumber, and restore the united old world where both light and shadow are in perfect balance to one another.

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