The Magi Council of Agrabah is an old order of villainous individuals hailing from the Lands of Legend, the era which occured after the Age of Chaos fell. Led by the 8th Seeker of Darkness Amuk Moonrah, they ruled the Seven Deserts as a coalition, dividing the territories amongst themselves as they caused chaos and misery for wicked fun...and also to spread the will of their surviving Ancient One masters across the world. Their evil was ultimately vanquished by the combined efforts of King Solomon Jehoahaz Abraham, ancestor of Aladdin, and Hamed the 1st, ancestor of Sultan Hamed the XXVIIIth, and they were all banished, slain, or imprisoned for their crimes.

Their members included: Khartoum, Abnor Mal, Fashoom, the Witches of the Sand, Bizarrah, Queen Deluca, and Ajed Al-Gebraic. They were also involved in dealings with Sekhmet Mirage, though Chaos Jr and the Ethereal tended to get involved at moments of their choosing.

It is currently the goal of Jafar and his apprentice Mozenrath to forge a new Magi Council once they take over Agrabah for the Hellfire Organization and plunge the world into eternal, chaotic-brand darkness.