Constance Hathaway, or as her Heartless last name of "Hatchaway"

Contance Hathaway "Hatchaway" is a minor antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, only appearing in "The Journey" as a member of the Horned King's failed attempt at assembling the 13 Seekers of Darkness for his plans.

A young maiden spirit, Constance was an insane murderess who had the mad desire of constantly making herself richer and richer by killing off her husbands everytime she got married. After she passed away in old age, her ghost became a Darkheart due to the massive darkness in he heart that retained her original self's youthful appearance and her insane penchant for slaying everything in her path. It was because of these attributes that the Horned King selected her to become one of 13 members in the Elite Dominion.


Before The Journey

The Journey

A Year of Misery

Appearance and Personality


Boss Strategy

Boss Theme: The 13th Struggle (1st Battle), Scherzo di Notte (With the rest of the Elite Dominion)