The Creeper

Creeper is a major antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, first appearing in "The Journey" as the Horned King's head servant, and then later the head of his own alliance during the events of "The Chain of Memories".

Creeper is a curious little creature, as he used to be a member of Maleficent's Goons until he accidentally stowed away through a Dark Corridor to the ruins of King Henry's castle out of curiosity when the newly born Darth Vader was banished there following his battle with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Padme Amidala, and was forever bound in servitude to Vader, the Horned King, and all those who are related by blood to Chernabog by means of a blood contract out of Vader's desire to punish someone for his own failures.

At first, he served the Horned King with the utmost loyalty, but after the lich was destroyed by the light of Kingdom Hearts, Creeper immediately set out to follow his own destiny and spread the will of Chaos on his own accord. This leads him towards gathering several surviving henchmen of the Hellfire Organization Members into a small alliance, and leading them into Memorial Castle so that they can pick off Mickey Mouse and Oswald Rabbit for their past interferences in the plots of their old masters. Unfortunately, Lich King Phineas soon puts an end to Creeper's treachery by forcibly capturing him and mutating him into a Guardian Darkheart, fully under his control. Creeper remains in the form of the Guardian for a while until the explosion caused by the malfunctioning KH Encoder reverted him into his goblin form. Nonetheless, Creeper is still under the Horned King's thumb, and continues to serve him as a slave of the 13 Seekers of Darkness.


Birth of A New Era


Creeper is a short goblin with green colored skin and his right eye sometimes closed. He wears a purple hood and shirt, and brown pants.

His guardian form, on the other hand, has an ink-black, muscular, humanoid form with a partially bandaged head that hosts relatively human features, baring some resemblance to Chernabog. His naturally red and yellow-pupilled eyes remain gleaming above a mouth filled with sharp teeth, as well as two long horn-like antennae spouting from the top of his head. A hole appears in-between more bandages on the torso in the shape of a heart, much similar to the heart shaped hole that appears in many of the Pureblood Darkhearts. The purple robe-tunic he wore has now been shredded and exposes much of the creature's muscularate structure.


Intelligent, fiendish, stupid, funny.