Dark King Diabolico

Dark King Diabolico of the Winds is a minor antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, first appearing in "The Keyblade Wars" as the second-eldest son of Queen Bansheera and a lieutenant commander in control over Echthroi legions in battle against the Keyblade Wielders of Light for the events of the Eltar campaign. Centuries later, he makes his return in "The Journey" as a demon warrior freed by Maleficent through a dark magic ritual to serve as one of her elite generals in the Hellfire Organization.

A proud, noble demon by virtue, Diabolico treats all his subordinates and family members with the utmost of respect and loyalty, but make no mistake he is still vicious and ruthless towards his enemies, and he longs to see his mother Queen Bansheera freed so that she may reward him for all his good service to her. However, he may soon find that he is simply an expendable pawn for Bansheera's own schemes, something of which may not cross his mind despite his chaotic Old One lineage...



The Keyblade Wars

The Journey

The Fantasmic Dreamtime

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