Doctor Facilier

Doctor Anton Facilier

Doctor Anton Facilier is a major antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, serving as a member of Maleficent's Hellfire Organization, and as the Big Bad of the Louisiana/Devil's Bayou campaign. He is an evil bokor (witch doctor) who plans to rule New Orleans with help from his "Friends on the Other Side". He and Queen Narissa share a sort of romantic interest in one another, though this isn't revealed until "Return of the Keyblade".


Before Birth of A New Era

Many years ago in the 1880s while living in the swamp with his teacher Mama Odie, Anton Facilier grew up as a poor boy who had nothing to call his own because his teacher never allowed it, believing that only through hard work and patience could he earn his keep. Facilier, however, was an impatient youth and wanted to learn more fast and see the outside world. It worried Mama Odie a lot that though Anton had a lot of potential to be a great voodoo houngan, he just wasn't fit for the training due to the growing darkness in his heart. One night, Facilier finally got fed up with Odie's constant deriding for the last time, and decided to escape the swamp by hitching a ride on a passing riverboat, making his way to the city of New Orleans where he believed golden fortune was ready for him.

Sadly, no sooner had Anton made his way to the Quarter did the young lad accidentally meet up with a pack of con men. Seeing an easily duped rube when he saw one, the thief leader decided to smooth-talk to Facilier, convincing him to work for a traveling showman as his own puppet-maker if he wanted to make it big in the world, not telling him that the showman they intended to point him towards was a notorious drunkard and abuser. Believing the bandit king's lies as truth, Anton immediately followed through with the suggestion and signed a contract with the showman to make puppets for his theatrical productions in exchange for food, money, and lodging. But alas, Facilier proved terrible at woodcarving or sewing due to having left Odie before he learned that craft, and so due to his shoddy puppets, the wicked showman threw the lad back up on the street. Arriving late in the night at a Red Lobster Inn, Facilier found the thieves drinking their money away they had earned from selling out the youngster to the showman. Angered, Anton promised the bandit leader that he would pay dearly for tricking him, but the thief only mocked the lad for having fallen for the con in the first place, and that if he didn't want to get used again, he'd best head back to whatever place he came from. Hurt, alone, and depressed, Facilier left the inn with nothing but the clothes on his back and a shredded pride.

It was then that an incoming storm began to roll about New Orleans' sky, and Anton was forced to take shelter inside an abandoned emporium he spotted to sleep for the night until the storm had passed. As the poor kid slept in a ragged blanket in the corner, he was slowly awakened from his restless sleep by a small voice that seemed to call out to him, coming from a little voodoo mask propped up on a table in the center of the room. Facilier was drawn closer and closer to the mask as it spoke to him with an enticing lure: it could help him get what he wanted out of life, promising him power beyond his dreams. The lad was unsure on what to make of the glowing mask, and asked it who or what it was. Was it one of the Loa he learned from his teachings under Mama Odie? Father Damballah? Kalfu? Baron Samedi? Neither, the mask stated, but as sure as the moon rises in the evening it would be the best friend Facilier ever had if he just listened to its demands. As the shadows cast upon the entire room by the mask's violet glow gradually seemed to grow and shift slightly, the voice of the mask told Facilier that it could help him get his revenge on both the band of thieves and the foul showman if only he promised to follow through on a small favor the entity would call upon him to do for it in the future. Anton was still hesitant on making a bargain with the voodoo mask, but with the lure of power and revenge too much to deny, he eventually accepted the deal with a handshake given to a shadowy hand that crept from behind the mask.

No one knows what happened afterwards, but when Facilier left to go straight to the Red Lobster Inn and take justice into his own hands, most of the thieves were never heard from again, with the few survivors refusing to talk about it from fear of what they had witnessed. What is known was that Anton left the Inn much more confident than he had been before, and it is said as he walked back to his new abode that his shadow seemed to have a life of its own, jauntily sprinting alongside its owner with a slight disconnected sync, or was it simply a trick of the lamp lights above?

As the years passed, Facilier grew more powerful, learning more voodoo tricks than he had before by studying forbidden tomes hidden in the emporium, gaining assistance from the mask's allies in the darker sections of the Loa for help in acquiring certain spells, even making deals with the New Orleans folk even more gullible than he was in order to gain favor with them. It seemed as though Facilier had finally won it all, but for his greedy heart it still wasn't enough. Not once did he ever forgot his past of living on the margins while all the fat cats speeding by him never gave him so much as a sideways glance, and so he began to concoct a scheme that would eventually make him the wealthiest and most powerful man in all of New Orleans.

(inspired by The Cult of Kefka's bio for Facilier in Disney Villains War)

Between BoANE and The Journey

(Finds out about the mask voice's true identity, becomes part of the Hellfire Org and meets Queen Narissa)

The Journey

(Reprises role from "Princess and the Frog" as well as serves as man behind the man to Madame Medusa and the Coachman, a follower of Ursula's faction)

An Empire of Dreams

(Part of Jafar's Starscream faction in alliance to Dominion XIII, teams up with General Grievous for the events of Port Royal Visit 2, controls the Darkheart equivalent of the Gambler Empty Shells, dies by being consumed by Wiseman's shadow)

Encoded Truths

(Revived by Queen Grimhilde through the magic mirror to serve her army and team up with both Diamondback's Mob and Blackheart's Hidden)

The Fantasmic Dreamtime

(Part of the villain squad that attacks Disney Castle with an army spawned from Hell itself, beaten after a grueling battle with Diamond Mode John Rolfe and Ben Ali Gator, his Friends later used to trap Mickey/Taran in a Nightmare Fantasmic)

Return of the Keyblade

The Second Trilogy

(Father of Faye through union with Narissa)

Appearance and Personality


Boss Strategy

Boss Theme: The Encounter

Facilier is a slick and tricky boss to fight. He can use his shadow to either swiftly sweep Mickey from under his feet or pummel him with hard hitting claw combos. The shadow can also trip Mickey as he is running to approach Facilier and when he gets ready to attack. Facilier himself is also no pushover, as he can deliver quick and strong cane combos and knock Mickey away with a kick that will knock him back. Occasionally, he'll summon his "friends" to simultaneously attack Mickey, while Facilier retreats, causing heavy damage. If you are able to defeat the voodoo demons quick enough, Facilier will be left open to attack. Facilier also summons Darkhearts to his aid.


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