Donald Duck (KH)

Donald Faunterloy Duck

Donald Duck is a major character in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga. In the story, Donald reprises his role from the game, though slightly changed to better reveal his origin story from "The 3 Musketeers".

In the first story, Donald is a cowardly half-breed duck who is one of Mickey's oldest friends since childhood. Later on, when Disney Land is destroyed by the Dark Ones, Donald is assigned to protect Princess Minnie at Captain Pete's request. In secret, Donald wishes to become a vast and powerful sorceror, but feels he can't due to being such a craven little coward. Despite this, after his true desire is revealed, his weapon of choice becomes that of a Staff. He often provides comic relief more than advancing the plot despite the amount of camera time he has in the series. He is rash and has an aggressive personality, but he is loyal to his friends.

Though he initially only cares about his newfound job as a bodyguard as a means to track down the lost royals, Donald soon grows to deeply care for Mickey as a friend, eventually conquering his fears to help save him from a corrupted Oswald's fury.


Appearance and Personality