Paul Duval (Earth-80920)

The Grey Gargoyle

Paul Pierre Duval, otherwise known as the Grey Gargoyle, is a minor antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, mostly appearing in campaigns set on Midgard-616 as an enemy of Thor Odinson and serving the whims of Baron Zemo as a member of the Masters of Evil. He first appears in "An Empire of Dreams" as an unwitting pawn of Malekith's schemes to acquire the Aether and the Casket of Ancient Winters.

Once, he was a French archaeologist excavating a Viking tomb in Normandy when he found an Asgardian artifact that mutated him into a creature of living stone with the power to turn others into unliving statues with his touch. He turned to crime, attacking SHIELD and other exotic technology users while trying to find a cure for his condition. When Thor showed up in London to fight Malekith and the Dark Elves, the Grey Gargoyle attacked him, hoping that Thor's Asgardian powers may be the answer he has been looking for.


Appearance and Personality



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