Kron is a minor antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, and the primary antagonist of the Cretaceous Wasteland storylet in The Fantasmic Dreamtime.

He is the leader of the herd that he is taking to the Nesting Grounds. He is stubborn, imperialistic, selfish, and a bully. He believes in survival of the fittest, regardless of whether it's a nameless member of the herd or his own right-hand dinosaur, Bruton. 


The Fantasmic Dreamtime

During the events of the Cretaceous Plateau campaign, when Aladarand his lemur family, alongside Taran, Mickey, and the Keyblade Gang, have just escaped from a pack of hungry raptors controlled by Pete, they end up meeting Kron, who knocks Aladar out of the way and yells at him to get back in line. When the herd stops soon afterwards to rest, the gang is introduced to a trio of straggling dinosaurs named Baylene, Url, and Eema who say that Kron is the leader and is driving them unmercifully to the Nesting Grounds. So, when Kron walks by Aladar, the younger dinosaur stops him and asks if he could slow it down a bit for the old dinosaurs who are having trouble keeping up, to which Kron replies sarcastically with an agreement. He then tells Aladar to let him  (Kron) do the thinking and to watch himself, before marching back to rest for the evening alongside a certain familiar face...

The next day as the herd prepares to venture forth through the desert, Kron tells his second-in-command, Bruton, to give orders that the herd must keep up because if a predator catches anyone, they're on their own. Kron drives the herd unmercifully across the hot sunny desert, losing a couple of members in the process, until they finally reach the lake. However, when Kron reaches the top, he and the rest of the herd are shocked to see that the lake has dried up, having been caused by the asteroid fall earlier. Bruton, just as shocked by this development as his boss, asks for futher orders. Kron thus decides to have Bruton take a scout and check the perimeter, while ordering the herd to keep moving. Neera, Kron's sister, tells her brother that if they keep moving like this, they'll lose half of the herd, to which Kron only affirms that it'll allow the half that does survive to continue doing so. Luckily, Aladar finds water by Baylene pressing down on her foot, causing water to come out of the ground. Far from grateful, Kron pushes his way into it and drinks the water for himself, showing no mercy for the herd. Soon after, the herd rests for the night, with Pete, transformed into a Smilodon, watching close by with an evil smirk on his face.

In the meantime, Bruton and his scout are ambushed by two Carnotaurs, secretly commanded by Pete to remove any obstacles for his plan, during their search, and only Bruton escapes with severe wounds. As Kron watches the herd sleep, as well as eyeing Aladar and Neera becoming closer, Bruton returns, telling him that the Carnotaurs are coming, but Kron promptly berates him for leading them to their location. As Kron moves the herd, Mickey and the two lovebirds approach and ask what was going on, to which Kron reports back on what Bruton told him. Aladar tries to tell Kron that the old ones in the back won't make it, only for the gruff leader to reply that at least they'll provide distraction for the Carnotaurs to attack. Aladar, shocked by Kron's harsh plans, immediately tries to stop the herd, but the older Iguanodon pushes him down and tells him that if he ever interferes again, he will kill him, affirming his point by sending Darkhearts to keep the other heroes busy. Kron thus leaves with Neera, and is implied to have abandoned Bruton to his fate of distraction to the Carnotaurs, while leaving Aladar and Mickey behind with the misfits.

As the days grow hotter and unbearable for the herd, Kron still urges them to keep moving forward while taking suggestions from his new second-in-command, Pete. Eventually, they reach the rocky hill entrance into the Nesting Grounds, and discover to their horror that it has been blocked by a landslide. Kron, still as stubborn as ever, orders the herd to start climbing up the hill, to which they start to do, that is until Aladar and the Keyblade Trio return with grave news: one of the surviving Carnotaurs was heading their way and that there was a sheer drop at the end of the cliff side entrance. Kron stubbornly refuses to listen, and pushes two young Iguanodons up the cliff to prove his point, forcing Aladar to defiantly try to lead the herd out of the canyon. Enraged, Kron violently attacks the heroes, sending out Darkheart after Darkheart to weaken Mickey while he viciously tears Aladar nearly to shreds. The battle is almost lost until Neera steps in to aid our heroes and knock her brother out of the field. Before Kron's eyes, Neera proceeds to follow Aladar and the Trio out the canyon while the herd, shocked by Kron's actions, abandon their former leader and do the same.

Kron roars out in anger, causing dark smoke to exude off his body, prompting Pete to appear to supposedly help his boss. But he quickly reveals that he was never on Kron's side, and was only manipulating events to get him to be even more ruthless in leading the herd, all in an attempt to attune the dark side of Kron's heart and turn him into one of Maleficent's undead legions. But since the Iguanodon failed to defeat Aladar and Mickey when he had the chance, Pete's decided to simply use the resulting dark fog from Kron's being to summon the real prize he's snagged over the course of this adventure.

With a shrill whistle, Pete summons the surviving Carnotaur and sics it on the herd, hoping to get all of their hearts in one fell swoop. Frightened and betrayed, Kron begins climbing the hill once more, and, in a last attempt to regain leadership, urges the herd to do the same. However, the heroes manage to stand together and pass the beast by roaring at it. However, Kron still goes through with his idea, hoping to prove Aladar wrong for once. Though foiled by the herd, the Carnotaur sees through Kron's plan and starts to climb the hill after him, with the main heroes right behind it. Kron manages to reach the top, only to discover that Aladar was right about the sheer drop, and is promptly cornered by Pete and the Carnotaur. Kron tries to fight the Carnotaur, but the beast bites into his back and throws him against a rock, mortally wounding him. Before it can finish him off, Mickey and Aladar barge in to knock it off the cliff, ending its threat once and for all. Unfortunately, Pete declares that he still got what he wanted after all, as he reveals that Kron's already dead from his wounds and that his heart now belongs to the abyss, cackling with glee into a Black Corridor. Aladar and Neera soon leave to return to the Nesting Grounds, taking a brief moment to mourn the loss of Kron, despite everything he had done beforehand to our heroes.



Kron is a hard line no-nonsense leader. Believing heavily in survival of the fittest, he feels no pity for members of the herd who die along the way to the nesting grounds. The exception is his sister whom he genuinely cares for; however he often doesn't listen to her, and even ignores his sister's advice. While he seems cruel, he's actually the closest to real animal behavior of all the speaking dinosaurs in the movie. Most herds will willingly let the sick, old, and the weak be taken out by predators; this will both save the healthy members from injury, and will help the species on the whole.

Attack Patterns

Kron's attacks are predictable but very powerful. His most basic attack is Thumb Stab, which is a swing with his hand which carries a large thumb spike. Charge involves Kron charging around the arena, ramming Taran. Using Guard at the right moment will stop the attack and temporarily stun Kron. Tail Swing is a hard to dodge, but not very dangerous. At times, Kron will rear up to do Smash, a powerful attack which causes a large shockwave. As his HP runs low, Heartless will start appearing around him and attack Taran.