Lythos, the Walking Mountain

Lythos is one of the four Catastrophes, high-ranking Ancient Ones under Chernabog's servitude. It is Hades' intent to free him and the other 3 Titans so that they can take over Mt. Olympus for the Hellfire Organization.


Appearance and Personality

The Rock Titan is a gigantic, bulky creature that seems to be composed entirely of rough, uneven stone. His body is very large and barrel-shaped. His legs are short and its feet are flat, while his arms are relatively long and end in four-fingered hands. He has two comparatively small, draconian heads placed side-by-side on the top of his body. Both heads have thick necks, a peculiar lower jaw with four very large, blunt teeth. His eyes are very small and red, and the inside of both mouths are red as well.

Lythos, during the Age of Chaos, was the most conceited and most ambitious of the Catastrophe Titans. He was always volunteering for every mission to rain down chaos upon the Lands of Legend in order to gain more credit for his efforts and to one day rise along the ranks to become Cronus's second-in-command of the Titanomachy.