Madame Mim

Mad Madame Mim

Mad Madame Mim is a minor antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, and an agent of the Hellfire Organization.

Mim never appeared in the original game series, but now appears here in a substantial role, first appearing in "Birth of A New Era" as a minor troublemaker around the alleyways of Disney-Land, then making a larger impact in "The Journey" as the direct rival to Merlin, teaching the art of Magic to Oswald in preparing him to fight Mickey for control over the Kingdom Key of Light.

Later on, she participates in the final battle of Enchanted Dominion by distracting the Keyblade Gang in combat long enough for Maleficent to begin the Unholy Ceremony of Eternal Night uninterrupted.


Before Birth of A New Era

Birth of A New Era

Between BoANE and The Journey

The Journey


obese, ugly, purple hair, green eyes, purple shirt, crimson skirt, purple shoes. That's her looks, and dang is she proud of it!


Madam Mim is a very powerful witch who is less powerful than Merlin himself; however overconfidence is her biggest flaw. She is an old rival of Merlin, and holds him in disregard. Mim is presented as boisterous, mischievous, and rather conceited, a sorceress much impressed with her own power who delights in causing trouble. She is also a somewhat morbid character with distaste for sunshine and all things wholesome.

She is also hypocritical, as she broke her own rules along with Merlin's during their duel, and used a "loophole" when she took on the form of a dragon, meaning she doesn't care about rules at all, and had probably just made them up to limit Merlin (whose honorable side would not allow him to break rules).


Madam Mim claims to be more powerful than Merlin, but in actuality, she is merely a specialist in dark magic. She is shown doing a few minor tricks, like withering flowers. The main ability she displayed however was her shape-shifting skill with which she can take the form of anything she wants. During her introduction scene, she changes into a cat, and magically makes herself uglier, and then beautiful. During her wizard duel with Merlin, she turned into: an alligator, a fox, a hen, an elephant, a tiger, a rattlesnake, and a rhinoceros, all of which were colored pink and an ugly, purple, fire-breathing dragon.

Boss Strategy

Boss Music: Tension Rising (1st Battle), Squirming Evil (2nd Battle), The Deep End (Dragon form Battle)