Mother Gothel

Mother Gothel in both her youthful and aging appearances

Mother Gothel is a member of the Hellfire Organization, and a minor antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, first appearing in "Return of the Keyblade" as the Big Bad of the Corona campaign. 

A relative newcomer to the ranks of the Hellfire Organization, Gothel was selected because of her ruthlessness and because of her relationship to Princess Rapunzel of Corona. However, she is inexperienced when it comes to matters of the cosmos, and often times, doesn’t really care about how the worlds work. All she wants is to live forever in immortal beauty, and she'll stop at nothing to get her any means necessary.

Later on, Gothel is approached by a very familiar hooded being, who offers her the chance to finally achieve her exchange for surrendering her heart to the true power of the Dark Side of the Force. This results in the creation of a new Gothel, one lean, mean, and certainly of an undead flavor.


Before Birth of A New Era

In Between BoANE and Return of the Keyblade

Return of the Keyblade

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