Percival C. McLeach

Percival C. McLeach is a minor antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, and a member of the White Rose Order. He first appears in "The Journey" in a cameo, then making his full debut in "An Empire of Dreams" as the final boss in the Great Outback campaign.

McLeach is one of the Order's best Huntsmen, second to only the Dragon Huntsman. However, he does not believe in Frollo's goal in restoring the worlds to the ancient ways, thinking that it's a fool's goal to do so. Besides, he prefers to use technology like a shotgun and the Bushwacker truck in his hunts for magical creatures wanted by the White Rose Order's plans. But that does not mean he's useless to Frollo's needs for him. In fact, the only reason why McLeach is still a member of the Order is because he's the son of a Huntsclan Master from Australia, and he can use his inherent Aboriginal Dreamtine powers to establish a connection with his pet goanna, Joanna.


Appearance and Personality