Queen Grimhilde

Queen Regina Grimhilde Mills

Queen Regina Grimhilde is a major villain from the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, and a member of the Hellfire Organization. Originally appearing in "Birth By Sleep" with a very minor role, the Queen's impact on the overall story is expanded to make her a much more credible threat to the Keyblade Gang.

She first appears in her homeworld of Dwarf Woodlands as an antagonist, taking on both her Queen and Peddler forms. She is the stepmother of Snow White. After discovering that the Princess has a heart of pure light, and therefore fairer than her, Grimhilde sets out to kill Snow White in order to secure her title as "Fairest in the Land", employing Humbert the Huntsman and an unwilling Anakin Skywalker to serve as her assassins. Later on, after her attempts on Snow White fail, Grimhilde instead decides to change her tactics and recruits herself into Maleficent's Hellfire Organization in order to kidnap the Princess for her own plans...


Before Birth of A New Era

Many years ago, Regina Grimhilde was born as the youngest child and second daughter of Queen Cora Mills of one of three kingdoms in the Dwarf Woodlands. While her elder brother, Maliss, was destined to take the throne of the kingdom of their birth, she herself was merely positioned to be a back-up wife for King Leopold in case Queen Eva ever passed on. But of course, Princess Regina wanted so much more from her limited life. After all, with a drunkard father talented in making mirrors who always insulted her appearance for not being "beautiful" and a stage mother who constantly pushed her to strive for the next social class and reject love due to it being a "weakness", something most certainly had to be done before she snapped completely.

Birth of A New Era

In Between BoANE and The Journey

The Journey

The Chain of Memories

A Year of Misery

An Empire of Dreams

Encoded Truths

The Fantasmic Dreamtime

Return of the Keyblade


Regina Grimhilde is a pale-skinned woman with blue eyes, red lipstick, and seemingly penciled-on eyebrows. She wears a gold crown with five spikes on the front and a jewel on the tip of the middle and tallest spike. She also wears what seems to be a black balaclava that covers her ears, neck, and hair and only leaves her face exposed. She wears a close-fitting, han blue dress with enormous hanging sleeves with white cuffs. Grimhilde's dress has a high collar that is white on the inside and she wears a red cape, much like Snow White and The Prince. She also wears a gold pendant around her neck with a ruby set in it, as well as a long, rope belt tied around her waist.

In her hag form, Regina dons a black, hooded robe that retains the hanging sleeves of her dress and grey slippers. Her physical appearance changes from that of a youthful queen to that of an ugly, old witch with long, tangled white hair. She has thick, black eyebrows, green eyes, and dark rings around her eyes. Her nose becomes long and crooked and gains a large wart and she only has one visible tooth on her bottom jaw. Her hands are gnarled and have pointed, dirty fingernails. In this form, Regina is also often seen with a basket filled with poison apples.


Grimhilde does not appear to be significantly involved in governing her kingdom (since she is solely focused on being the fairest in the land), though the skeletal remains of prisoners in her dungeon points to her being a cruel ruler. She wants nothing more than to be the fairest in the land. She is cold, cruel, and has an extreme vanity that made her utterly intolerant of rivals. Her vanity and jealousy of Snow White's superior beauty and the Prince's attentions eventually drove her to murderous insanity. That she transforms herself into a hideous hag and conjures a poison named 'The Sleeping Death' to achieve this end is a sign of her determination and desperation.

The Witch, being an alternate form of Regina, has some of her personality traits, most notably her vanity and unstable jealousy of Snow White, kept intact. However, due in part to the transformation, she has also become more outwardly maniacal and sadistic, constantly cackling insanely as well as once trying to play an extremely cruel joke on both the captured Prince Ferdinand and her pet raven by making it seem as though she wants either of them to eat the poisoned apple. Despite her insanity, she was also extremely intelligent and calculating, wanting to ensure that she not overlook anything in order to make her plans an absolute success. This trait was especially evident in her stopping herself while gloating about how the poisoned apple will ensure Snow White's eventual demise in order to look up whether there was a cure to the effects of the poisoned apple that would cause her plans to fail.



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