Shan Yu

"Your walls and armies have fallen, and now it's your turn. Bow to me!" - Shan Yu to Emperor Zhaodi

Shan Yu is a major antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, first appearing in a minor role for "The Journey" and then making his full debut in "An Empire of Dreams" as one of Maleficent's head generals in the Hellfire Organization's forces. He is the master of the Hun Army, which, as of recently, has included Darkhearts into their ranks.


Before Birth of A New Era

Many years ago, Shan-Yu was born as the only child of two lesser ranking soldiers in the Xiongu-Mongolian Army, and as such was raised to fight for the future.

Birth of A New Era

The Journey

A Year of Misery

Since he decided to bail out at the opportune moment, Shan Yu managed to become one of the few surviving generals to escape the Horned King's subsequent massacre of the Hellfire Organization's leadership. For a while, he laid low in hiding in Midgard-616 while plotting to get back to Imperial China and resume his original plans to conquer the empire with his Hun army and no Darkhearts. However, they would have to wait for a while longer as Pete, who had managed to also escape the mass execution as well as any possible servitude under the Horned King, found his fellow warrior and brought him on board back to the Hellfire Organization's ranks with the promise of restoring his might to the worlds when all was said and done.

The Hun warlord was thus sent to ally himself with Aldrich Killian and his Mandarin Guardian in their plot to get revenge on Tony Stark and conquer the world through the war on terror away from HYDRA's control. To make it seem as though the actual Ten Rings had some involvement in AIM's failed experiments with the brainwashed Extremis soldiers, Shan Yu was accompanied by Killian's film crews to document himself negotiating with Taliban terrorist cells to join with AIM and cause havoc under the Ten Rings' name in the Middle East to keep Captain America and War Machine occupied from the truth.

An Empire of Dreams

Encoded Truths

Return of the Keyblade

Appearance and Personality

Shan-Yu is a large, muscular Hun with greyish skin, thick, black eyebrows, and a black Fu Manchu mustache. His eyes peculiar colors; the irises are an eerie orange color and his sclera are black. The top of his head is bald, but the hair on the back of his head is quite long and black. He often wears a black hood with grey fur lining and what seem to be two raccoon tails dangling in the front. He wears grey pants and black, knee-high boots with grey soles and a vertical grey stripe up the front. Shan-Yu also wears a coat that is pale yellow on the left side and the front and black on the right side. It has tattered, brown lining and is kept closed by a brown belt. He wears a single black glove on his left hand, presumably for the same reasons falconers use them.

Shan-Yu is a cold-hearted, cruel warrior, ruthless in battle. He cares for himself and his army only. He is aggressive, violent, and rather silent, having no more than five lines in his appearances. He cares greatly about causing chaos and depression. This is shown in Mulan when after an unknown soldier states "Now all of China knows you're here," he gives a cold: "Perfect". Nonetheless, he is also a skilled poet and artist, taking the time to compose Mongolian poetry in his spare time about the beauty of nature which he intends to claim as his own.

He is feared by almost all of China, and makes a point to ensure that everyone knows it. He is also known for his rather dark sense of humor, demonstrated when he shows mercy to two Chinese soldiers and orders them to get the Emperor to prepare his finest for battle, yet immediately afterwards asks his archer the question, "How many men does it take to deliver a message?", to which the archer responds by taking aim and saying, "One.".


Shan - Yu is a skilled military commander with a vast knowledge of battle techniques in sword and hand-to-hand combat. His strength is at an abnormal level compared to a normal human's, allowing him the ability to survive even an avalanche of snow which killed off his Hun soldiers.

Like most high-ranking members of the Hellfire Organization, Shan-Yu can use the powers of darkness to aid him in battle. This allows him the ability to fire dark fireballs as a projectile weapon, propel him into superhuman speeds to charge at opponents, launch him to the sky like a rocket while he slashes his sword, and allow him to open Black Corridors to transport him to different locations of his choosing. Because of his strong heart, Shan - Yu has little to worry about losing his soul from overuse of dark energy.

His primary weapon is a curved sword known as the Rejection of Fate. The ground combo used with this weapon begins with a horizontal slash to the right and ends with a vertical slash upward. The aerial combo is an upward slash from the right leg, followed by a leftward slash, a rightward slash, and ends with a spin.

Boss Strategy

Boss Music: Vim & Vigor (1st Battle), The 13th Dilemma (2nd Battle)

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy VS

Mickey, Donald, and Goofy VS. Shan-Yu

The fight between Mickey & his friends vs Shan-Yu and the Darkhearts