Spirit Princess Vypra of the Ocean Tides is a minor antagonist in the Kingdom Hearts Unlimited Saga, first appearing in "The Keyblade Wars" as the only daughter of Queen Bansheera and a lieutenant in the Dark Armada, commanding a small force of Echthroi legionnaires in battle against the Keyblade Wielders of the High Council for the events of the Eltar campaign. She later appears centuries later in "The Journey" as one of several demon warriors freed by Maleficent through a dark magic ritual to serve as a member of her Hellfire Organization.

Gifted in the arts of disguise, she often used them to gather information or just cause havoc. Her strategies were particularly cruel and fearsome, something of which gained her the favor of her elder siblings...but not those of her more chaotic-minded mother, much to her displeasure.



The Keyblade Wars

The Journey

Appearance and Personality